Types of Cranes & Girders

Types of Girders

Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes, & Other Configurations - Types of Girders

Available in Four Basic Girder Configurations

Under Running Bridge CraneUnder Running Bridge CraneMore commonly known as an “Under Hung” (ur "U/R") Bridge Crane, the Under Running Bridge Crane travels on the bottom flange of the runway beam, which is frequently supported by the roof structure. Because there is no need for support columns, it uses least floor space of other overhead bridge cranes. The under hung bridge crane is usually restricted to moving lighter capacities, such as those under 10 ton.

Top Running Bridge CraneTop Running Bridge CraneThe Top Running Bridge Crane (or "T/R") travels on top of rails mounted on a runway beam supported by either the building columns or columns specifically engineered for the crane. Because the rail is placed on the runway beam, the wheels ride on the rail rather than on the beam.

Double Girder Bridge CraneDouble Girder Bridge CraneThe Double Girder Bridge Crane consists of two end trucks, two bridge girders and the trolley hoist unit. The hoist is placed between the two girders rather than below; this adds up to 3 feet more that items can be lifted off the floor.

Single Girder Bridge CraneSingle Girder Bridge CraneThe Single Girder Bridge Crane consists of two end trucks, a single bridge girder and the trolley hoist unit. The lifting mechanism on a single girder is positioned beneath the girder. Compared to a double girder, a single girder costs less and installs faster because there is only one girder involved.


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